Eleventh Step Books only ships merchandise to locations within the United States, U.S. Territories, including Alaska and Hawaii. The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this Web site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier.

Any order placed with Eleventh Step Books for delivery to a state or county correctional center cannot be guaranteed delivery due to each center having its own rules, and regulations, on accepting literature from business such as ours.


All orders are processed and shipped as they are received, or within 5 Business days from purchase. All orders finalized after 5:30 pm EST, or on Saturdays will be processed for shipping on the next business day. Orders processed through PayPal check will not be shipped until funds have been cleared through PayPal.

Eleventh Step Books makes every effort to stock and ship all items as quickly as possible. All orders, for in-stock items, are processed and shipped as soon as possible after the order is received, or within 5 business days from the date of order.


The USPS Address Matching System (AMS) is utilized for address verification on all USPS shipments. 1st Class Mail shipments are the responsibility of USPS once mailed, if addresses cannot be verified through the AMS system, Eleventh Step Books cannot guarantee the arrival of your order in a timely manner. USPS 1st Class Mail is provided to the purchaser and is the choice of purchaser. Once the product is delivered to USPS, Eleventh Step Books cannot determine or control the delivery of said package.

Sales Tax
Eleventh Step Books charges New Jersey sales tax for merchandise ordered on this Web site based on the applicable state sales tax rate and the location to which the order is being shipped.

Return Policy
You may purchase merchandise from this Web site by using any one of the payment options listed in the cart check out section of this website. Eleventh Step Books reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice.


 All sales are final. If the product is delivered in error, being of the wrong merchandise based on purchase, Eleventh Step Books must be contacted in writing via email, or USPS service, of the error. Upon return of the incorrect item, correct item will be shipped within 3 business days from receipt of returned merchandise.