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Visit our online general book site featuring e-books, books, audio and DVDs. Most all topics and subjects are presented.

Prices are not reflective of those in shop.

Shelves stocked with self-help, New Age, and Eastern spirituality volumes, along with 12-step books from AA, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, and other programs, Eleventh Step Books is one of an increasingly rare breed: a brick-and-mortar store with print and an hands-on approach.   Also in stock are gifts and mementos reflecting the 12 step theme including the anniversary medallion collection and theme jewelery.

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Welcome to Eleventh Step Books

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Our online general book store

Serving our friends in the tri-state area since October 1991. In the beginning we were known as a recovery shop. We now carry titles that encompass issues pertaining to life's challenges, holistic health, Course in Miracles, eating disorders and spiritual growth among others. Our book and audio selection is in constant transition and growth. We also offer a online general book store that features all the titles that our distributor has in stock,

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